Monographs and Biographies
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Publication ID: 36,
The Stocking Book, 2010
Lavishly illustrated book exploring the astonishing variety of stockings from the eighteenth century to the present. Introduction by Victor Arwas, illustrated in full colour.

Publication ID: 37,
La Vie Parisienne, 2010
A saucy, light-hearted look at life in Paris before the Great War. Extensively illustrated book in colour.

Publication ID: 1,
Louis Legrand, 2006
Catalogue Raisonné of the Graphic Works, fully illustrated, mostly in colour.

Publication ID: 29,
Allen Jones, 1993
A highly illustrated monograph with essays by Victor Arwas, Charles Jencks and Bryan Robertson.

Publication ID: 15,
Frank Martin - Hollywood Continental, 1988
A detailed study of the drawings and prints of this delightful artist, dealing in particular with the early and golden days of movie making. Essays by Victor Arwas and John Kobal, with a checklist of all the prints to date.

Publication ID: 25,
Graham Ovenden, 1987
Illustrated monograph on one of the leading painters of the Ruralist Brotherhood, with texts by Laurie Lee, Victor Arwas, Robert Melville, Clive Wainwright and Clive Aslet.

Publication ID: 14,
Alphonse Mucha - Master of Art Nouveau, 1985
Illustrated with most of the artist's Art Nouveau posters and decorative panels in full colour.

Publication ID: 12,
Alastair - Illustrator of Decadence, 1979
The first book on this strange, complex artist whose exquisite line drawings illustrated some of the greatest novels of the turn of the century, the worthy successor to Aubrey Beardsley.

Publication ID: 7,
Berthon & Grasset, 1978
The first and still the most complete study of two iconic artists of the Art Nouveau movement.

Publication ID: 30,
Felicien Rops, 1972
An illustrated monograph.
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