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Publication ID: 9,
Felicien Rops - De Schone en het beest, 2005
Catalogue of the Rops 'Beauty and the Beast' Exhibition organized by Victor Arwas at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. Text in Dutch, fully illustrated.

Publication ID: 11,
Irises and Daffodils,Dragonflies and Butterflies, 2004
Catalogue of the Danek & Jadzia Gertner Collection of works by Emile Gallé donated to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Text by Victor Arwas in English and Hebrew.

Publication ID: 6,
Art Nouveau - The French Aesthetic, 2002
The most complete work on all aspects of the style in France, with a witty text lavishly illustrated in full colour.

Publication ID: 3,
Art Nouveau from Mackintosh to Liberty - The Birth of a Style, 2000
Tracing the development of style in the crafts and in the arts, illustrating and discussing some of the creative heights achieved in jewellery,silver, enamelling, sculpture and other crafts which led French critics to call the movement 'The English Style'

Publication ID: 18,
Art Nouveau - An Architectural Indulgence, 2000
Symposium of articles and images relating to the Victoria & Albert Museum Art Nouveau Exhibition introduced by Victor Arwas.

Publication ID: 28,
The Liberty Style, 1999
Catalogue of an important exhibition of Liberty and its style which opened at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum then shown in Museums in Hokkaido, Hakodate, Kobe, Umeda-Osaka, Kochi and Kumamoto. Text in English and Japanese.

Publication ID: 33,
Alphonse Mucha: The Spirit of Art Nouveau, 1998
A lavishly illustrated book published to coincide with an exhibition of Mucha's work which toured several museum in the United States in 1998/9. Texts by Victor Arwas et al.

Publication ID: 16,
Rétrospective Miçao Kono – Art Déco à Paris et Modernité à Tokyo, 1997
Catalogue of the first exhibition of the works of a Japanese artist in Paris and Tokyo in the Thirties. Text by Victor Arwas in French and Japanese.

Publication ID: 8,
The Great Russian Utopia, 1993
A detailed investigation of the short-lived avant-garde artistic creativity in the early days of the Russian revolution before it was crushed by Stalin.

Publication ID: 13,
Alphonse Mucha, 1993
Catalogue of the Barbican Exhibition in London, with text by Victor Arwas.
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