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Publication ID: 12,
Alastair - Illustrator of Decadence, 1979
The first book on this strange, complex artist whose exquisite line drawings illustrated some of the greatest novels of the turn of the century, the worthy successor to Aubrey Beardsley.

Publication ID: 29,
Allen Jones, 1993
A highly illustrated monograph with essays by Victor Arwas, Charles Jencks and Bryan Robertson.

Publication ID: 13,
Alphonse Mucha, 1993
Catalogue of the Barbican Exhibition in London, with text by Victor Arwas.

Publication ID: 14,
Alphonse Mucha - Master of Art Nouveau, 1985
Illustrated with most of the artist's Art Nouveau posters and decorative panels in full colour.

Publication ID: 33,
Alphonse Mucha: The Spirit of Art Nouveau, 1998
A lavishly illustrated book published to coincide with an exhibition of Mucha's work which toured several museum in the United States in 1998/9. Texts by Victor Arwas et al.

Publication ID: 2,
Art Deco, 1992
"This must be the most lavish book on Art Deco ever published. It may even be the last word on the movement." -Artforum

Publication ID: 22,
Art Deco Posters and Graphics, 1977
Book by Victor Arwas writing under the pseudonym of Jean Delhaye.

Publication ID: 31,
Art Deco Sculpture, 1992
An encyclopedic study of 70 sculptors, fully illustrated, with biographies of the artists and list of editors/foundries, with marks. Fully illustrated in colour.

Publication ID: 19,
Art Deco Sculpture - Chryselephantine Statuettes of the Twenties and Thirties, 1975
The first of several books by Victor Arwas on this subject.

Publication ID: 34,
Art Deco Sculpture, From Root to Flourishing, 2008
Volume one of an extensively illustrated book on the splendid M. Okroyan collection of bronze and ivories published in English and Russian in Moscow, with an introduction by Victor Arwas
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