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Publication ID: 30,
Felicien Rops, 1972
An illustrated monograph.

Publication ID: 19,
Art Deco Sculpture - Chryselephantine Statuettes of the Twenties and Thirties, 1975
The first of several books by Victor Arwas on this subject.

Publication ID: 20,
Art Nouveau Posters and Graphics, 1977
Volume written by Victor Arwas under the pseudonym 'Roger Sainton'.

Publication ID: 22,
Art Deco Posters and Graphics, 1977
Book by Victor Arwas writing under the pseudonym of Jean Delhaye.

Publication ID: 32,
Glass - Art Nouveau to Art Deco, 1977
This book has become the standard work on the art glass produced in Europe and the United States during this most innovative period.

Publication ID: 7,
Berthon & Grasset, 1978
The first and still the most complete study of two iconic artists of the Art Nouveau movement.

Publication ID: 21,
Belle Epoque Posters and Graphics, 1978
Well-illustrated studies of 9 artists: Tissot, Helleu, Legrand, Chéret, Steinlen, Robbe, Chahine, Lunois and Toulouse-Lautrec

Publication ID: 12,
Alastair - Illustrator of Decadence, 1979
The first book on this strange, complex artist whose exquisite line drawings illustrated some of the greatest novels of the turn of the century, the worthy successor to Aubrey Beardsley.

Publication ID: 23,
The Glass of René Lalique, 1980
All-colour paperback

Publication ID: 26,
Symbolist Paintings, Drawings and Graphics, 1983
Catalogue of the first exhibition of Symbolist Art held at the Parco Gallery in Tokyo. Fully illustrated in colour.
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