Abel-Truchet Louis
Ablett William Albert
Abthorpe Avril
Akiyama Shizuka
Albert-Lasard Lou
Allen (Director) Woody
Aman-Jean Edmond
Anderson (Director) Lindsay
André Gaston
Arai R.
Araki Tetsuo
Arnoux Guy
Auriol Georges
Austen John
Ayrton Michael
Bailey Eric
Barbier Georges
Beardsley Aubrey
Bellanger Camille
Bellmer Hans
Benito Edouard Garcia
Benson James William
Benton (Director) Robert
Bernstein Hilda
Bertaux Lucien
Berthon Paul
Bertolucci (Director) Bernardo
Blanche Jacques-Émile
Blond Maurice
Bonfils Robert
Borra Pompeo
Boutet Henri
Boutet De Monvel Bernard
Bradley William H.
Bratby John
Brockhurst Gerald Leslie
Buchet Georges
Buffet Bernard
Burger Fritz
Burne-Jones Edward
Burra Edward John
Bussy Jane Simone
Buthaud René
Calbet Antoine
Cappiello Leonetto
Carter Frederick
Cassigneul Jean-Pierre
Catteau Charles
Chahine Edgar
Chéret Jules
Chimot Edouard
Clarke Bob Carlos
Clavell (Director) James
Cocteau Jean
Colin Paul
Copley John
Costumes Parisiens
de Feure Georges
de Groux Henri
de la Gandara Antonio
de Latenay Gaston
de Morgan William
de Zamora José
Delatre Eugene
Deluermoz Henri
Derain André
Desbois Jules
Domergue Jean-Gabriel
Drian Etienne
Dubuc Victor
Dufy Raoul
Dulac Jean
Dulac Edmund
Dunn Ernst
Durey René
Ellis Lionel
Elzey Roberta
Epstein Sir Jacob
Ernst Max
Farmer Peter
Fay Clark
Fini Leonor
Fischer Lothar
Fitchew Dorothy
Flamand Georges
Flint Sir William Russell
Forain Jean-Louis
Foreman (Director) Carl
Foujita Tsuguharu
Freeth Andrew H.
Friedkin (Director) William
Friedlaender Johnny
Fuchs Ernst
Gatier Pierre
Gill Eric
Goeneutte Norbert
Goerg Edouard
Gose J.
Granville Fell Herbert
Grasset Eugène
Grosz George
Hagen H.
Hamnett Nina
Hayter Stanley William
Hecht Joseph
Helleu Paul
Henn John
Henning Gerhard
Hermann-Paul René George
Hill Frank
Hutton & Sons William
Ibels Henri Gabriel
Icart Louis
Iribe Paul
Jean Auguste
Kann Léon
Kirimura Akane
Kisling Moise
Knight Dame Laura
Korschann Charles
Kusaka Satomi
Kvapil Charles
Laborde Chas
Laboureur Jean Emile
Lachenal Edmond
Lam Wifredo
Lambourne Nigel
Laporte-Blairsy Léo
Larionov Mikhail
Laurencin Marie
Léandre Charles
Ledru Auguste
Lefebre L.
Legrand Louis
Lemaire Hector
Leon L.
Lepape Georges
Liberty & Co
Lobel-Riche Alméry
Lorenzi Fabius
Lorrain René
Luber Carl Sigmund
Lunois Alexandre
Lydis Mariette
Mackenzie Thomas
Mackintosh Charles Rennie
Magritte René
Manhattan Avro
Manzana-Pissarro Georges
Marie Gustave
Marini Marino
Martin Charles
Martin Frank
Martin (Director) Gene
Matisse Henri
Maurin Charles
McEveety (Director) Vincent
Meunier Henri
Mielatz Charles Friedrich
Mignot Victor
Milliere Maurice
Moser of Karlsbad Ludwig
Moti Keiko
Mougin Freres
Mucha Alphonse
Muller Alfredo
Muller Emile
Muller Henri
Nacke Carl
Nam (b. Lehmann) Jacques
Navarre Henri
Nicholson Sir William
Oda S.
Odle Alan
Ogata Issei
Osterlind Allan
Pascin Jules
Peters Robert Charles
Picart Le Doux Charles
Picasso Pablo
Polack Robert
Publications Ltd Skira
Raffaelli Jean Francois
Ranft Richard
Ranson René
Rattray Henrietta
Rauth Leo
Renouard Paul
Robbe Manuel
Robertson Eric
Robinson Thomas Heath
Rops Felicien
Saint-Lambert Val
Scarfe Gerald
Schlesinger (Director) John
Schmied François-Louis
Scorsese (Director) Martin
Seligmann Kurt
Sevin Roger
Shanks Alec
Shannon Charles Haslewood
Spare Austin Osman
Spurrier Steven
Steinlen Théophile Alexandre
Strang William
Sutherland Graham
Taga Shin
Tanning Dorothea
Taylor Jack
Tharaud Camille
Thu Nguyen
Tissot James
Torella Al
Touchagues Louis
Toussaint Louis
van Dongen Kees
van Turendhout Jan
Vaszary Janosz
Veber Jean
Vertès Marcel
Vidal Pierre
Villon Jacques
von Herkomer Sir Hubert
Walker George
Walton Cecile
Warhol Andy
Wegener Gerda
Whatham (Director) Claude
Willette Adolphe
Williams Wilton
Willoughby Hugh
Wunderlich Paul
Zinoviev Alexandre
Zsolnay Vilmosz
Zumbo Domenico
List of Artists
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Winter Garden
Reference no.: 127
Frank Martin, (1921-2005)
Winter Garden
Etching and Aquatint
45.5 x 30
Edition 150
Signed in pencil
Mata Hari
Reference no.: 128
Frank Martin, (1921-2005)
Mata Hari
Handcoloured Etching
60.7 x 45
Edition 50
Signed in pencil
Stay at Bay
Reference no.: 1027
Frank Martin, (1921-2005)
Stay at Bay
Colour etching
30 x 15
Signed in pencil
Reference no.: 1028
Frank Martin, (1921-2005)
Soft ground etching
45.5 x 30
Signed in pencil
Marlene Dietrich
Reference no.: 1144
Frank Martin, (1921-2005)
Marlene Dietrich
Drypoint on copper with hand tinting
45 x 30
Signed and titled in pencil
Mar(ia Magda)lene Dietrich's early life is somewhat mysterious. Threoughout the 20s in Germany she played on the stage and in silent films, but her reputation was local and her appearance unremarkable. Her transformation into the glamorous international star shown in the print was due to her association with director Josef von Sternberg, which began with 'The Blue Angel' in 1930. Listed in 'Frank Martin: Hollywood - Continental', number 208.
Greta Garbo
Reference no.: 1145
Frank Martin, (1921-2005)
Greta Garbo
Drypoints & Aquatint on steel in colour
45 x 30
Signed and titled in pencil
Published jointly by the artist and by Ronnie R. Brenner Fine Arts, New Orleans, La. Garbo's impact was greatest in her silent pictures, and she continued to play in silents long after Hollywood had committed itself to sound. She is shown here in the cloche and fur collar she wore in 'Wild Orchids' (1929), Listed in 'Frank Martin: Hollywood - Continental', number 198
Delores Costello
Reference no.: 1146
Frank Martin, (1921-2005)
Delores Costello
Drypoint on copper with hand tinting
34.4 x 24.5
Signed and titled in pencil
Listed in 'Frank Martin: Hollywood - Continental', number 257
Delores and Helene Costello
Reference no.: 1147
Frank Martin, (1921-2005)
Delores and Helene Costello
Woodcut in colour
33 x 50.5
Signed and titled in pencil
Daughters of Maurice Costello, one of the earliest screen stars, the girls appeared as children in their father's films from 1913. After an interval for education, followed by modelling in New York City and a spell in George White's 'Scandals' of 1924, they re-emerged as leading ladies in silent pictures. Dolores, who married John Barrymore in 1928, had the more successful career, and continued to make films into the 1940s. Listed in 'Frank Martin: Hollywood - Continental', number 90. Edition of 45; 10 in blue black, 10 in blue black and pink with stencils, 25 in blue black and yellow with stencils.
Reference no.: 1148
Frank Martin, (1921-2005)
39.4 x 25.8
Artist's Proof
Signed and titled in pencil
Listed in 'Frank Martin: Hollywood - Continental', number 245
Louise Brooks
Reference no.: 1149
Frank Martin, (1921-2005)
Louise Brooks
Drypoint on copper with hand tinting
37 x 26.5
Signed and titled in pencil
Listed in 'Frank Martin: Hollywood - Continental', number 172.
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